Vacation Rentals in Israel!!!! The Best there is!!!

Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?
– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.

Vacation Rentals

Our long, diverse list of vacation rentals offer you greater privacy, space, and flexibility than a hotel–often for almost half the price. Get off the beaten path with a vacation cabin in the Galil, relax in your very own beachfront condo in Hertzeliya, or explore Jerusalem from the privacy of a Rechaviya townhouse. Whatever the need–we have the vacation rental for you!

Short Term Rentals

Considering moving to Israel? Looking for a place to get away to write your next (or first) book? Coming to spend a month visiting your grandchildren but need your own space? A short term rental may be exactly what you’re looking for. Short term rentals offer you all the comforts of home, away from home. Whether it’s for as short as a week or as long as several months, we can help you find the short term rental that’s right for you!

Long Term Rentals

Making aliyah? Coming to Israel for a sabbatical year? We can help you find the long term rental that’s right for you. Whether it’s Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, up North or down South, we work with the most reliable agents in Israel to help you find the right furnished apartment to meet your needs. It pays to find the most comfortable apartment in the most ideal neighborhood for the best price. Hey–you never know. You may stay even longer!



  • Israel 02.650.8840
  • when calling from abroad: +9722-650-8840
  • USA1(800) 651-7026
  • Rechov Petach Tikva 16, 3rd Floor, Jeusalem, Israel 94474





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