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Arutz ShevaPost just in!

Rapper Shyne Speaks to Underprivileged Bar Mitzvah Kids

Moshe Levi, also known by his hip-hop name Shyne, spoke to a group of underprivileged bar mitzvah students on Monday. A group of 15 students took part in agroup bar mitzvah celebration organized by the Bet Shemesh Educational Center and the Jaffa Institute. Shyne was a hardcore rap musician who spend almost ten years in an American prison until moving to Israel. He spoke to the students about his journey to becoming a Torah observant yeshiva student.

Rabbi Eli Goldsmith (<-click here for more) who co-organized the event stated, “sadly, many of the studentsat the Bet Shemesh Educational Center simply cannot afford to celebrate this special occasion because of their families’ financial hardship.” Donations enabled thestudents to tour the Western wall in Jerusalem and receive a set of teffilin and tallit.

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