Tiferes Tours is the way!

Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?
– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.


Stay afloat in the mineral-salt water of the Dead Sea–the lowest point on earth, enjoy a refreshing swim in the soothing waters of the Sea of Galilee, or join an archaeological dig to uncover the ancient past.  It’s amazing to discover just how much one tiny country has to offer.  From the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon in the north, to the pristine beaches of Eilat on the banks of the Red Sea, not to mention all the deserts, hills, and forests in between–Israel has it all!
Popular archaeological tours include the Qumran excavations, the Western Wall tunnels, the Bar Kochva caves, and King Hizkiyahu’s Water Tunnel and museum lovers can’t miss the stunning Chagall stained glass windows, the Israel Museum’s Dead Sea Scroll exhibition, the Diaspora Museum, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

Private Tours

Book a private guided tour with a knowledgeable and dynamic English speaking tour guide who will give you and your party a custom tour of any section of Israel–on or off the beaten path.  No matter your interest, Tiferes Travel can help you find the right tour guide for you.

Public Tours

Alternatively, you can join up with any of the dozens of public tours visiting Israel’s most popular destinations each day. We’re here to recommend the tour that’s best for you.

Some of Our Most Popular Tours

Jerusalem Old City – Jewish Quarter

This tour begins at Yaffa Gate and meanders through the splendid Herodian Section to see the remains of homes, public bath houses, and workshops from the 2nd Temple era. Walk on the Cardo – an actual street from Roman times, visit the recently rebuilt 300 year old Hurva synagogue, and see the famous remains of the city wall from the time of the 1st Temple as you simultaneously stroll through the bustling cobblestone streets and alleyways of the lively Jewish Quarter of today. No tour is complete without a trip to the Zion Gate, followed by the tomb of King David and the Mount of Olives. During peak season this trip also includes a visit to the Kotel Tunnels–underneath the ancient Western Wall–to get an inside glimpse into Temple life.


Rosh Hanikra, Akko, Caesarea

Drive north along the breath taking Mediterranean Coastline to the beautiful green slopes of Mt. Carmel. On the way up the coast take a stroll through the chic city of Haifa, visit the magnificent Tunisian synagogue in Akko, and visit the ancient Roman Aqueduct of Caesarea. The final destination is Rosh Hanikrah–the northern tip of Israel–where you descend by cable car into the spectacular wave-made grottos overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.


Eilat (Two Day Tour)

Drive via the beautiful Arava desert to Eilat–the southern-most tip of Israel. Enjoy a cruise on the Red Sea overlooking the beautiful red Eilat Mountains, experience a camel safari and enjoy the fascinating Underwater Observatory and Oceanarium built atop the pristine coral reef. And of course don’t forget to go shopping in the marina or to spend a day soaking up the rays on the beach!


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